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Accommodation - <center><b><font size=+1>Chata Tatranka</font><br> Rent a cottage in the High Tatras, Slovakia for a week or more. Close to the ski resorts of Strbke Pleso, Tatranska Lomnica and Stary Smokevec. The holiday cottage is located in Stola, about 10 minutes drive from Strbske Pleso, the main ski resort in the High Tatras, Slovakia. The High Tatras are known for good ski facilities during the December to April season and excellent walks/ hikes/ climbs from April to October. They are a national park and so the area is unspoilt by excessive development. The area is also known for its clean air and so there are several local spas for asthmatics. The cottage represents excellent accommodation for low cost per person in the beautiful countryside near Stola (but close enough to get groceries and accessible by car). Slovakia,Slovak Republic,eastern Europe,hire,holiday,vacation,rent,house,accommodation,break,cottage,chata,High Tatras,skiing,hiking,St&ocirc;la,Strbske Pleso,Slowakei,ski,hike,mountain, country,countryside,walks,snow,log,Stola,chalet,peaceful, tranquil,Czechoslovakia,Poprad,Mengusovce, Tatranka, noclegi <a href="chata.html" >Chata Tatranka</a> <a href="izby.html" >Izby</a> <a href="cennik.html" >Cenník za ubytovanie</a> <a href="mapy.html" >Mapy</a> <a href="info.html" >Viac Info</a> <a href="cosadarobit.html" >Aktivity</a> <a href="kontakt.html" >Kontakty</a> <a href="linky.html" >Linky</a> <a href="cottagepics.html" >ENGLISH</a> <a href="huette.html" >DEUTSCH</a> <a href="polska.html" >POLSKA</a></b></center>